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Chevy SS | CQuartz Finest | XPEL Paint Protection Film

Whether it's a million dollar exotic or a big V8 powered family sedan, all cars guys have one thing in common: they want their cars to look great! This Chevy SS was brought to us for full paint correction followed by XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and C.Quartz Finest ceramic coating. This process will protect the car and make sure it looks great for many years to come.

It all begins with paint correction. We go over the car with a light searching for every scratch, swirl and blemish in the paint. We then compound and polish these areas until the car is perfect.

XPEL paint protection film is then carefully placed on the front end of the vehicle. Edges are wrapped and seams are hidden to create a seamless install. This film will help protect against rock chips and damage from road debris.

Once XPEL has been applied to the front end we continue with paint correction on the rest of the vehicle, ensuring all blemishes are removed and the paint is in the best shape possible before beginning the coating process.

After paint correction C.Quartz Finest ceramic coating is then applied by hand in multiple layers.

The coating is carefully monitored as it bakes and becomes its fully cured state. Once fully cured this coating forms an incredibly durable "glass-like" shell over the paint giving great protection for many years.

Wheels are then removed and thoroughly cleaned before being coated with C.Quartz Dlux. The ceramic coating applied to the wheels and brake calipers will make future cleaning much easier and keep brake dust from building up and baking onto the wheels.

The end result. The moment that makes the countless hours staring into the paint, chasing every last scratch and looking over every inch of the car all worth it. This car came out beautifully and we're happy to say the customer was just as thrilled as we were. Check out these after shots and let us know what you think!

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