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Corvette Z06 & Grand Sport | Window Tint, Ceramic Coating, and XPEL protection.

It has never been easier to clean and protect your car. Once picked up from the dealership, all you have to do is bring the vehicle to our shop and let us do all the work. It's that easy. We received this pair of C7 Corvettes in for full paint correction and protection last week. Both of them had only a handful of miles accumulated since being picked up from the dealership and wanted the ultimate protection before hitting the open road.

Like every detail, it started with paint correction We made sure our canvases were perfect before installing XPEL paint protection film, placing the window tint and coating the cars with a durable ceramic coating. Both of these cars received a full front clip and rocker panel XPEL wrap - an absolute must with a car like this. Being low to the ground with an aggressive stance means we need to protect the high impact areas from rock chips and damage from road debris.

Next came the ceramic coating. These coatings are incredibly low maintenance, durable and chemical resistant meaning you'll be spending more time driving the car than cleaning the car. Not only are you protecting the paint and XPEL film, but you're also making future washes and cleanup a breeze.

Last, but certainly not least, we tinted the windows using LLumar FormulaOne film. With summer quickly approaching this is a "must" to keep the inside of your car cooler on those warm days Not to mention how great it looks, too!

Just purchase a new car? Contact us to see how we can protect your investment and keep your car looking like new!

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