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Another Happy Customer | CamaroZL1 | XPEL Ultimate & Modesta Glass Coating

This Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is one badass car and is bound to be a collector one day. Our customer came in looking for a way to protect and preserve his new toy while still being able to enjoy it properly. We fixed him up with XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and Modesta Glass coating to give him the best protection available.

Step one is paint correction. It would be a shame to see scratches and swirls trapped underneath the film and coating, so we have to make the paint perfect before following through with any other work.

XPEL Ultimate is applied to the front of the vehicle and all edges and seams are tucked and hidden. Our end goal is to hide the film and make it virtually invisible on the car.

Once the XPEL is applied, the entire vehicle is coated in Modesta Glass Coating and then baked to fully cure the coating.

Wheels are then removed and coated with Modesta BC-06. This will protect the finish and keep brake dust from sticking to and baking onto the wheel.

While it gives the car great protection and immense shine, the ceramic coating also allows for easier future maintenance and washes. This beauty is now protected and will be preserved for up to ten years.

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