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Honda Accord | Modesta Glass Coating

Earlier this week we received this brand new Honda Accord in for XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and full Modesta ceramic coating. The customer brought the car in from out of state looking to protect his new daily driver in the best way possible. We wrapped the front bumper in XPEL Ultimate to protect against rock chips and damage from road debris and then coated the entire car in Modesta ceramic glass coating. This is sure to be one of the cleanest Honda Accord's around.

Before we can install the XPEL film or get started on the coating we must first perform a full paint correction. This involves going over the vehicle searching for any scratches, swirls or imperfections in the paint that must be removed by thorough compounding and polishing.

Wheels, brake calipers, grills and other hard to reach areas are sprayed with Modesta BC-06 for maximum coverage.

Modesta BC-04 is applied to all painted surfaces of the vehicle.

Modesta BC-04 is a wet application.

The coating is applied to the vehicle, allowed to set and then immediately wiped off.

Each panel is baked with heat lamps allowing the coating to fully cure and harden and ensure you're getting the absolute most out of your investment.

Once again, this car turned out gorgeous and looks better than the day it was picked up from the dealership. Being daily driven, this car is bound to see a lot of miles and our customer can now drive them happily knowing his car is protected.

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