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BMW M3 | Vinyl Color Change | Wheel Powder Coating

We received this BMW E92 M3 a few weeks back for a total makeover. This project was especially fun as the customer came to us with an open mind and no real idea of what he wanted done. What he did know, was that black paint was beginning to look tired and after years of owning the car it was time for something new.

We started by wrapping the exterior of the car in Avery Satin White Pearl, one of my personal favorite colors on a car. It's classy, subtle and something you won't see every day. It highlights the lines of the car beautifully and the black and carbon fiber accents keeps the car looking aggressive, yet refined.

The wheels started out black with some curb rash and typical wear from everyday driving. They didn't look bad and certainly would have looked just fine against the white car, but we wanted something different. The wheels were refinished and powdercoated a custom gold color - a mix between bronze and rose gold. The color fits the car perfectly and really helps to pull together the look we were aiming for.

Unfortunately we don't have any before photos, but just look at these after shots. This car turned out phenomenal and the customer couldn't have been happier. Our primary focus is detailing and making paint look perfect, but we offer many other services. If you're tired of how your car looks or you're looking to change things up, vinyl offers a great, non-permanent solution. We also offer powdercoating services to repair, refinish, or change the color of your wheels.

Interested in having some work done? Call, email or stop by the shop to talk about what we can do to help take your car to the next level.

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