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Our signature detail. Not your normal detail.

When the goal of detailing is perfection, sometimes you don’t know when to stop. Born from the ideal of a perfect detail without any limitations, we created our “$10k detail”. With our $10k detail, our goal is to clean and protect every part of the vehicle, including the undercarriage, so it’s just as pristine as the exterior paint. This detail is not for everyone. It is for enthusiastic clients with very special vehicles that deserve to be preserved but still need to be exercised. While the process is complex, the goal is simple: Clean, correct, and protect the entire vehicle to a concours level. Depending on the customer requirements and the starting condition of the car we can spend over 100 hours on this job, so $10,000 can be just the beginning.

This work begins at the same place our other details start – in the wash bay. We always start with a thorough wash to remove any contaminants like brake dust, tar, sap, and anything that isn’t easily released from the finished surfaces. Then, the magic of the $10k detail begins. We bring the car over to a lift and get it up in the air. We clean everything that’s accessible underneath the car. This includes the entire undercarriage, the exhaust system, springs, control arms, the inside of the wheels, and anything else we can access. Once everything is perfected, we begin the coating process. That’s right, we ceramic coat the entire undercarriage of the car. This way, if the undercarriage gets dirty again it’s quite easy to clean it back to perfection. For the base coat, we use Modesta BC-06 which is formulated to withstand very high temperatures. Additionally, it’s a sprayable coating, so we can coat any hard to reach areas. We top it all off with Modesta BC-08 on glossy surfaces and Dr. Beasleys Metal Coat which is specially formulated to adhere to any unfinished metal surfaces.

Once we complete work on the undercarriage of the car, we lower the vehicle and commence the interior cleaning. In addition to the standard interior cleaning, we also remove the seats so we can clean hard to reach areas. Any glossy surfaces like the dash trim, door jams and seat backs are carefully polished. Over time those pieces can accumulate scratches so the polishing makes them look as good as new. Once it is all perfected we apply the appropriate best-in-class protectants to all the interior surfaces.

Finally, we begin work on the exterior of the car. Our paint specialists perform perfect paint correction to remove any swirl marks or imperfections. This time-consuming process creates a smooth, mirror-like surface that reflects light perfectly. This gives the finish that lusty, deep shine that stops onlookers in their tracks. Once the paint correction is complete it’s ready for the ceramic coatings. The painted surfaces are treated to a durable base coat of a Modesta BC-06 and then topped with Modesta’s thickest and glossiest flagship coating, BC-05. The Modesta coatings not only enhance the shine but also protect it for years, eliminating the need for waxes or sealants. The glass is treated with Glassparency glass coating which makes it extremely hydrophobic. This makes it shed water and dirt for improved vision and easy cleaning. All plastic and rubber surfaces are protected as well.

Once the entire vehicle is cleaned, corrected, and protected it’s time to stand back and admire the team's hard work. Now that every bolt, knob, screw, and panel of the car has been perfected and protected the customer can show off their pride and joy at shows or on tour without worry. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more about our services, meet the team and see all of the amazing cars we have done so far.

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