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RaceDeck Floors, The Perfect Fit.

The clean room at our shops, as well as any other shops, are very important and needs to be well maintained. The floors at our Glenview clean room have seen better days. Due to all of the cars coming in and out, and all the liquid that winds up on the floor, we find ourselves needing a better floor solution. We tried all different kinds of flooring, our very first clean room we used an epoxy flooring that just ended up chipping away after time. We tried a mat type flooring as well as other tile style flooring, but none of them held up or worked quite as well as RaceDeck Flooring.

Racedeck is a modular tile system that looks and works great in any garage or shop. They have many different styles of tiles to choose from like their standard RaceDeck Diamond tile or their CircleTrac tile. Our preferred choice is their free form tile, its perfect for out needs. They also have very unique styles like their Harley-Davidson tiles, as well as many more options. On top of having many different styles, each style has its own color selection, allowing for endless customization. The best part about this all is that since it is a modular system, they all work together with one another. If you’re curious to see how certain combinations work with your space, their website has an extremely useful floor design tool that can help you choose the right look for your needs.

We have been using the racedeck free flow tiles for over a year now in our wash bay and we are very happy with how well it suits our needs, as well as how well it held up overtime. When we decided we needed to do something about the floors in our clean room, choosing RaceDeck was a no brainer. Once we got all of our tiles in, installation was a breeze. It is slightly time consuming due to the large area we had to cover, but working with the tiles and snapping them together was extremely easy.

Once we had all the tiles installed and everything put back together, the room looked completely different. It definitely looks much cleaner, and more professional thanks to the RaceDeck Flooring. With the free flow tiles installed in the clean room, our film installers don’t have to work in puddles of water. The water goes right through the tiles, keeping the floor they work on much cleaner and definitely dryer. Maintenance is extremely easy too, we just vacuum the floors once a week with one of our shop vacuums. Any dirt or debris that happens to fall through the tiles get picked right up because of how well the free flow tiles are designed. Since we have the same tiles in our wash bay, we are extremely confident that even after a year, these tiles will still be in great condition.

If you have any more questions about RaceDeck flooring, or just want to see how the install went, we have provided a link below to our youtube install video. Be sure to mention Chicago Auto Pros during your checkout to receive a special discount! Go on their website and start designing your floors today!

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