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Picture this: You just recently invested in a ceramic coating for your vehicle, and it looks better than you ever could have imagined. That hard shine can’t be beat, and your car is turning heads everywhere it goes. But, one day, despite careful driving and your best efforts to avoid other cars, you come out to disaster: someone has backed into your car. You stand, shocked and speechless as you stare helplessly at the fresh wound your prized car has just received, with no answers as to how - or even who - did such a thing.

As you survey the damage and work out how much work will be needed, one thing suddenly pops to the front of your mind - what about the ceramic coating? With ceramic coatings being several thousand dollar investments in most cases, it’s important to know what you can do about your ceramic coating after your vehicle has been subjected to an accident. Well, our good friend and known Chicago YouTuber Alex Palmeri of Legit Streetcars had this exact thing happen to his 2003 E55 AMG the other day. Fortunately, he called us up, and we were able to help him understand his options!

Because a ceramic coating is such a significant investment to your vehicle, most insurance companies will allow you to include the cost of re-applying the coating to the new parts of the vehicle in your claim. In most cases, the coating of the newly repaired areas of your car will be accepted in your claim, but we advise that you confirm with your insurance carrier before doing so. Once the claim has been processed, and your car has been repaired, make an appointment with us (or whomever you received your coating from) and we will re-apply the same coating to the new parts that we used on the rest of your vehicle!

Ceramic coatings are a big, albeit worthwhile investment for your vehicle if you plan on keeping it long term. With it being a still relatively new technology in the industry, it’s important that you know your options when it comes to coating care and maintenance so that you can have peace of mind in your investment.

Once Alex gets his car repaired, he'll be dropping by to have the coating applied to the newly replaced exterior panels of his AMG.

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