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How To Protect your Tesla Model 3

We got our hands on one of the first Tesla Model 3's in Chicago and what better way to get accustomed to the newest offering from Tesla than by protecting it with the absolute best products available.

To start, we tinted the vehicle with LLumar Window Film Stratos on all windows, including the front widnshield. Not only does Stratos film look great on the car, but it also provides maximum heat and UV rejection for the ultimate in comfort.

Next we wrapped the entire car in XPEL paint protection film. We went above and beyond making sure to not only wrap the entire exterior, but also the jambs, headlights, and door handles.

Finally, what better way to finish a special car like this than coating the car with Cquartz Professional Services Finest Reserve on the exterior and CQuartz leather coating on the interior.

This car is seriously cool. Having so much experience with Tesla already, it was a real pleasure to get up close and work with the new Tesla model 3.

Have a Model 3 of your own or waiting to take delivery? Let us know how we can protect yours!

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