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Dare to Be Different - Porsche GT3

As a car enthusiast, nothing excites me more than a Porsche 911. It's iconic on so many levels and arguably one of the best looking sports cars ever made, even to this day. So in a sea of monotone family sedans and minivans, a car like this truly stands out. On one of those rare warm and sunny days in the middle of a Chicago winter, our customer took delivery of this gorgeous 2018 Graphite Blue Metallic Porsche 911 GT3. With only a handful of miles from the dealership this GT3 was left in our hands to receive the ultimate in protection before really hitting the streets.

First things first, we tinted the windows using Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle film in a cool 35%. Not only is this the legal limit here in Illinois, but the perfect look in our opinion. It's dark enough to compliment the black wheels and accents around the car, but light enough to keep the sophisticated aesthetic.

A full paint correction began this process and a ceramic coating using Gtechniq and Modesta ended it. What happened in the middle though, is what makes all the difference. This Porsche 911 GT3 has been completely wrapped in XPEL Ultimate paint protection film. Every painted surface on this car has film on it to provide the absolute ultimate in protection.

I'm not going to spend much time on the XPEL application process. If you read our blogs, follow our YouTube channel or check out our Facebook page occasionally then you've seen the process a thousand times. What I want to focus on is after everything is done, the finished product.

Many long hours and late nights went in to this project and the outcome? Simply incredible.

We often get asked how XPEL looks on a car and if it's noticable. With this next photo set I want to show that paint protection film is virtually invisible on the car when done right. Our process involves wrapping edges, hiding seams and removing emblems, handles and any other small pieces that stand in the way of a seamless install. Our number one goal is to hide the film and not subtract from the natural beauty. In the end you want to protect the car, but you don't want to see the protection, right?


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