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Jason's Detail Tips | Tips for Drying A Vehicle

This was an exciting week for us. Last week we announced the debut of our newest endeavor : Jason's Detail Tips. If you don't already know, this is a straight to the point, no BS, video series aimed to teach you the tips, tricks and techniques of detailing. Just a few days ago we released our first video : Tips for Drying A Vehicle. This blog will follow along with that video and provide more insight on what products and techniques you should be using to quickly and most effectively dry your vehicle.

If you haven't already watched the video, check it out below:

So you just finished washing your vehicle, it's clean, it's shiny and it's wet. This next step is very important: drying the vehicle. If not done correctly this can cause fine hairline scratches and swirls all over the vehicle and then you would have to wait till episode #43 to figure out how to fix those. So here is the best way to dry your vehicle.

After washing the vehicle the first thing we recommend is checking to see if there is a protective coating on the car, this could be a wax, paint sealant or a ceramic coating. You can easily tell if the car has a protectant on it as the water will bead right off. If the car is protected you can skip to the next step. If the car does not have a protectant on it then you're going to want to use some sort of drying agent to make the paint hydrophobic and allow the water to bead off.

Our next tip is to use forced air to blow as much of the water off of the vehicle as possible. This also allows you to dry those hard to reach spots such as mirrors, wheels and the gas door. The less you touch your vehicle's paint, the less likely you are to scratch it! For this you can used compressed air, they also make dedicated systems for this such as a MetroVac or a power blower. Or you can be like us and simply use a leaf blower. These are cheap, readily available and work great.

Buy one here:


After most of the water has been blown off of the vehicle, you'll want to grab some dedicated drying towels. For these we use waffle weave towels, these are large, super absorbent and will minimize scratching and swirling. Take one in each hand and wipe with one towel to absorb the water and follow right behind it with the other to dry any remaining moisture or streaks.

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Bonus tip : Many spray sealants also act as a drying agents. Right before you dry the car is the perfect time to add one of these sealants for some extra protection and add a slick, glossy finish.

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Stay tuned for next weeks episode and as always if you have any questions or suggestions be sure to send us an email at Chicagoautopros@gmail.com!

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