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BMW 328D | Llumar FormulaOne Window Tint Install

One of our most popular services is window tint. This is something we get asked about more than any other product and we thought we should take some time and walk you through the window tint process to clear up any questions you may have. We recently had this BMW 328D in the shop for our Llumar FormulaOne film. With this film drivers can have the ultimate in appearance, comfort and protection from an exclusive line of window tint that creates a driving experience that is like no other.

It begins with cutting out the film. All of our film is laser cut using a plotter. This ensures an exact fit and minimizes the risk of us scratching the glass by cutting by hand.

Once the film has been printed and cut out it's time to clean the windows thoroughly and prep them for installation.

The film is then molded on the outside to the exact curvature of the glass.

After the film has been molded, the backing sheet is removed to expose the adhesive and it is carefully transferred to the inside of the glass.

The window is sprayed down with our film solution and the film is slid into position, making sure there are no light gaps. Once into position the installer can finally lay down the film by squeegeeing out the solution.

The most important step : work is checked to ensure a clean outcome.

Side windows are installed exactly as the back is. Windows are cleaned, film is fit and then installed.

This customer opted for a sunstrip. The film is measured for desired width and then pre-fit to the glass.

All windshield tint is hand cut to ensure the best fit. Extensive measures are taken to insure the glass and trim is not cut.

Film is then applied like all other windows.

All full vehicle tints receive a complimentary wash after to make sure the car looks as good as the tint.

What a difference window tint can make! This car looks much better and is much more comfortable to drive as well due to the added privacy, UV and heat protection offered by this film. All of our films also feature a life-time warranty against any peeling, fading or bubbling.

As always, if we missed anything or you have questions that haven't been answered feel free to email us or give us a call!

Always remember to keep the windows up for 3-4 days and that it can take as long as two weeks to fully cure.

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