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Mitsubishi Evo with LLumar Formula One Window Tint

"FormulaOne High Performance Auto Tint® is a dynamic, growing brand of professionally installed, premium automotive window film. Specially designed to give you the highest heat and glare reduction on the market, our automotive window film is simply the best in the industry."

This customer brought in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to have his windows tinted using our Llumar Pinnacle film and Air80 on the windshield. This combination offers both great in style and UV and heat protection.

Here is a quick photo of the car before the window tint film.

There is no UV protection, no heat rejection, and no privacy

All window tint is precision cut using our state of the art plotter.

Door panels are often removed to help create the cleanest install. The goal with any tint job is to prevent dust and debris from getting into the film.

Window tint film is formed to the glass using heat and various tools. This takes a lot of skill and experience as the film can easily be damaged during this step.

Cleaning the windows during install is essential to proper placement of the film and ensures there are no gaps.

Mitsubishi window tint

With every window tint job we do we give the car a complimentary wash before sending it out the door. It's important that the customer has a great first impression.

Take a look at the finished product! We stand behind our work and all of our window tint films feature a lifetime warranty against any bubbling, peeling or fading. Don't settle for a cheap window tint job that will need to be replaced later down the road. Come see us and get the job done right the first time!

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