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BMW X6M | Modesta Glass Coating | Xpel Ultimate

This BMW X6M came in for some new car protection and left looking even better than new. When buying a new car the dealership will often try and sell you on their longterm paint sealants or interior warranties, but if you're really looking for the best, come see us.

This car received some paint protection film on high-wear areas and then the entire car was coated in Modesta glass coating. With up to ten years of coverage, the only thing this owner has to do now is enjoy the ride!

With every project it all starts with a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle. We use specifically designed products and clay to remove any contaminants in the paint leaving behind a glassy smooth finish.

We pay extra attention to those areas that get dirty the quickest and are often overlooked in most washes. This means the barrel of the wheels, the brake calipers and wheel wells.

Once the car is washed and decontaminated, we begin paint correction. We go over each panel looking for scratches, swirls, and imperfections in the paint that can be removed by a compound and polish.

These shiny black pillars are notorious for getting scratched up very easily. Our solution is to polish them to perfection and wrap them in XPEL Ultimate paint protection film. This film will keep the pillars protected and even has self-healing properties.

Modesta is then applied by hand, making sure to cover every inch of the paint, trim, and glass. Wheels and calipers are sprayed to ensure the best and most even coverage.

Each panel is baked for 15 minutes to fully cure the Modesta and give it that hard "glass-like" shell.

The results speak for themselves. This car looks better than the day it was picked up from the dealership and is now protected and ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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