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SEMA-Bound: Bloodtype Racing's 2019 Ford Edge ST | Avery Dennison Gloss Light Blue | FULL Vinyl

Preparing a car for show is no small task, and we’re no stranger to the challenge. It’s a painstaking, tedious and time-consuming effort comprised of small brushes, keen eyes and the need to ensure that every single nook and cranny is not left untouched. It’s no secret that show cars are highly scrutinized on appearance, so when Bloodtype Racing needed their SEMA-bound 2019 Ford Edge wrapped, they came to us with the challenge.

We started the process with a thorough hand wash, ensuring that any and all impurities and contaminants were removed from the vehicle’s finish. Once that was done, we brought it into our clean room, where we got to work covering the factory black paint finish with Avery Dennison’s Gloss light blue vinyl. The goal was to give it a color similar to the Nitrous blue found on the Ford Focus RS. But, unlike a normal vehicle wrap, we couldn’t stop at the surface. This vehicle would be completely covered in vinyl - right down to the door jambs and vent trim pieces.

We began by disassembling the Ford Edge, removing the doors, bumpers, and any components that would hinder a clean application. By the time we finished removing all the components we needed, the car was essentially a completely exposed shell. It might have been a time consuming process, but to do the wrap correctly, it was crucial that we didn’t cut any corners or sacrifice quality. This was SEMA - a call for our crew to go even further above and beyond their expectations.

So, with the mission clear, our crew set to work for the next week or so on the Edge, ensuring that every component that needed wrapping was done right. The door jambs were full of stamped holes and brackets which made for an exceptionally difficult challenge ensuring that the vinyl was applied without any tears, cracks or air pockets. The entire car had several trim pieces that required experience, expertise and a steady hand to get right. Even then, with such critical attention paid to detail, if there was so much as a single imperfection, the entire section of affected film would be removed and reapplied until the vinyl wrap convinced onlookers that the car had in fact come from the factory with a Nitrous Blue finish rather than the gloss black finish that was underneath.

It took some time, but, as always, our crew got the job done right, and on time for the Edge to be shipped out to the big show in Las Vegas. We don’t mean to toot our own horns - but to see the Ford Edge on the show floor was a unique experience in it of itself. We had left our mark on SEMA, and we were proud of it. The car looked great - so great, in fact, that Bloodtype Racing opted to drive the car home to their Glenview IL shop straight from Vegas!

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