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[GALLERY] One Separate From the Heard - In Depth With Paul's Acura NSX

The raspy gargle of the NSX’s twin turbo V6 could be easily heard as the modified Casino White supercar pulled up the entrance to the hotel - the site where we’d be doing the photoshoot. It’s an unmistakable sound, and it’s one that, in addition to its aesthetic modifications, sets it apart from any other NSX on the road. This example belongs to Paul, a local resident and long time client of ours. His NSX has a special home in Chicago’s local scene (and at our shop!), and I wanted to see just what makes this Acura so unique. So, with my camera set up and the lighting perfect thanks to a sunny Summer evening, I delved into what sets Paul’s NSX apart from any other vehicle on the road.

XPEL STEALTH paint protection film, installed by us, gives the crisp white paint finish an almost matte look. And, while the film provides that matte look, it is still translucent enough to allow light to penetrate through to get some of the original gloss of the factory finish, making for a truly one-of-a-kind look. We also dechromed the car and hit the entire thing with a full Modesta ceramic coating on the body and wheels to protect it from the elements.

The massive APR / B.Rogue Built wing is the first of its kind in the world and keeps the NSX grounded at high speeds. Michelin tires, in tandem with Acura’s precision AWD system, keeps it tight in the turns. Behind the custom gloss red/matte black Ti Hardware three-piece BC Forged wheels, a custom-built, first of its kind APR/B.Rogue Built iLIFT air suspension setup provides ride versatility; whether its for comfortable highway cruising, aggressive track driving, and everything in between.

In addition to that, Paul’s NSX has a host of other mods including SOS spacers, SOS hatch extension, BMC high flow filters, Honishen lugs and Llumar window tint. With all of these mods, Paul’s NSX is shaping up to be a truly unique car. But why the NSX? I asked Paul why he chose the Acura over several of its competitors. For him, the answer, in short, was that all came down to the simple fact that the NSX is miles more reliable than most cars in the same segment, and its new hybrid drivetrain provides a driving experience unlike any other.

Being an Acura, it’s probably no surprise that the NSX is one of the most reliable supercars available today. During the week, one can enjoy a trouble-free (and efficient!) daily commute thanks to its hybrid drivetrain. On the weekends, the NSX becomes a track-ready warrior, ready to attack any corner with brute force and pristine agility. Once you’ve had your fun there, take it to your local grocery store on the way home and the NSX can accommodate a few grocery bags; all without missing a beat. Does all of this make the NSX worth its $200k price tag? Definitely.

Paul’s NSX is a vehicle separate from the heard. Its engine modifications give it a completely unique exhaust note and its appearance turns heads wherever it goes. From the grocery store to the race track, Paul drives his NSX confidently, knowing that it’s ready for just about anything he can throw at it. As I wrapped up my interview and photoshoot with Paul, I left with a fresh perspective on car culture and why enthusiasts are so passionate about the cars they love. In a way, the NSX compliments Paul’s character - as it should. We know that our clients' cars are an extension of themselves. We take pride in knowing that we share that same passion.

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