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Am I right for a Ceramic Coating?

Am I right for a Ceramic Coating?

Welcome to the second video in our ceramic coating series. Now that you know what a ceramic coating is and what is does, let’s find out if a ceramic coating is right for you?

Let’s face it, not everyone is a car enthusiast. Some people’s cars are just there for transportation, They don’t care what kind of car they have. They want a way to get from point a to point b. The chances are if you are watching this video you ARE a car person, and even if you’re not a car person there are plenty of reason to get a ceramic coating.

First let’s get into the reasons why you wouldn’t get a coating.

1.) If you’re a person who enjoys spending the day washing, cleaning and waxing your car, then a coating may not be right for you. For a lot of us it is therapy spending time out in the garage Cleaning and waxing your car. Wax is a good way to protect the car if you’re going to be reapplying it every couple of months.

2.) If you’re going to take your car to any old car wash, a gas station car wash, a car wash with filament brushes or if you let the neighborhood kid wash your car with a broom, then don’t get a coating. I will cover this in-depth in a later video, but a ceramic coating is not bullet-proof and just because you have a coating doesn’t mean you can carelessly wash it.

3.) If you don’t have the budget for a coating, that is another perfectly valid reason not to get a coating. Your car is not going to fall apart or stop running because you don’t have a coating on the vehicle. Just make sure you use one of the other protectants frequently if you want to keep your paint looking good.

Now, let’s look at the type of person who would get a ceramic coating.

1.) Passion - If you have a passion for cars and you want the peace of mind of knowing your investment is protected or if you stand in the garage for hours just staring at your car you should definitely get a coating.

2.) Shine - Coatings have an incredible shine if you walk away from it backwards after you park it to enjoy the shiny, clean car, you also may be right for a ceramic coating!

3.) For Convenience - If your weekends are full and you don’t have the time to wash and wax your car, then a coating may be right for you. If you do like washing your own car, then having a coating on the vehicle is going to make this task so much easier and more enjoyable. It will look like it was just-waxed every time you wash it.

4.) Durability – If you have a new car, especially one in a dark color and you want to keep it looking new then consider a coating. A coating is much more durable than any kind of wax or sealant. Coatings are scratch resistant to a degree they will help to reduce fine scratches and swirls, But please don’t confuse that with scratch proof. Having a ceramic coating on your vehicle will definitely help reduce the number of swirls that can come with washing, but only if your practicing the correct washing procedures. One bad wash can ruin all the hard work that was put into prepping and coating the vehicle

So, If you’re looking for the shine, the depth, that deep, candy-like gloss, if you want to stand out at the car shows or want to still feel like your driving a new vehicle 5 years down the road then you should get a coating.

Not only is a ceramic coating a far better protectant than any wax or sealant, but If you look at an average coating cost vs taking your car somewhere to wax it every couple of months, down the line a couple of years, your money and time ahead. Think about it, if you spend $100 getting your car waxed every three months then over three years that adds up to $1200 plus the time you spend taking your car to and from a detail shop. Why not spend that same amount of money on a coating that will be more durable, last longer, is shinier and will save you from going to the detail shop every 3 months?

I hope this video helped you decide whether or not a coating is right for you and if you have done any research into coatings you know there are a lot of options and it can be confusing to know what coating is right for you. In the next video, I guide you on how on to choose the right coating for your car.

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