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Lincolnshire Car's and Coffee

This week we're doing something a bit different and will be bringing you event coverage from last Sunday's Cars and Coffee in Lincolnshire. We feel it might be nice to take a step away from detailing this week and show you some of the incredible cars we have in the area and what meets and events you shouldn't have missed out on!

This is the first blog we've done like this so as always let us know what you think. We have plans to make it out to some pretty big events in the future and hope to bring you coverage from them.

One of the reasons that makes this event great is the variety of cars you'll see. Everything from hundred thousand dollar exotics to simple builds and everything in between gather here on certain Sunday's to show and spend their morning around cars. Everyone is friendly and more than happy to chat about their car, your car or someone else's car. One thing is for certain though, everyone here is a car enthusiast.

Some of the early birds showing up right as the meet is about to begin.

BMW Z3 M coupe. You hardly ever see these and this is a beautiful example of one.

Our friends over at Blood Type Racing brought their old SEMA car out and broke some necks.

Satin white BMW M3 wrapped by the guys over at Wrapped Chicago.

Another rare car to see, especially being so clean. Nissan 240SX Kouki.

Showstopper : Lamborghini Huracan

Pair of Dodge Vipers looking mean as always.

Pristine Lamborghini Gallardo showed up.

Couple of EVO's on display, both very clean and functional.

Tastefully modified Mercedes are always welcome.

And here it is, my favorite car of the meet, a super clean 3 rotor FD RX7.

It's so refreshing seeing RX7's out and about, especially one's that are still rotarty!

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