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Ford Raptor meets Porsche 911 GT3 | C.Quartz | Opti-Coat | XPEL

You may be asking yourself, why would we write a post featuring a Ford Raptor and a Porsche 911 GT3? What could they possibly have in common? Their horsepower numbers are close, but that's about where the similarities stop. They do have one other thing in common however, they both came here and are now protected and looking better than ever!

We recently had the pleasure of working on not one, but two of our customers cars at the same time. With a newly picked up Ford Raptor to be used as a daily / tow pig and a track ready 911 GT3, it was time to pamper them both. With the GT3 loaded in to the trailer, the Raptor towed it here where we were able to go over each of them and decide our plans.

The GT3 arrived with clear bra already installed and was really in pretty good shape, we just wanted to keep it that way. We prepped the exterior and then ceramic coated the car using C.Quartz Finest Professional. This will protect the car and make cleaning off brake dust, tire debris and whatever else the track may throw at it much easier. Our customer can now spend more time enjoying the car than cleaning the car and if you had a 911 GT3 isn't that what you would want?

The Ford Raptor was fresh from the dealership and needed the full treatment. After a fair amount of paint correction, vinyl removal and general cleaning we wrapped the front end in XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and finished it off using Oti-Coat ceramic coating on the full truck. This will protecting the front end from being peppered with rock chips and keep the black paint looking clean, shiny and protected.

Here are just a few glamour shots we were able to snap as the cars made their way outside and were being picked up. As always, contact us with any of your detailing, window tint, ceramic coating and paint protection needs.

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