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Bentley Continental GT | Modesta BC-05

We recently received this Bentley Continental GT Coupe for full paint correction and ceramic coating using Modesta, the best in ceramic protection. Since its release 13 years ago, Bentley's Continental GT has progressed into the luxurious grand tourer you see today. This particular version boasts a twin turbo V8, pushing a healthy 521hp and enough torque to keep you firmly planted in the diamond stitched leather seats. The power is just right, the handling is tight and precise and of course we can't forget about the sleek and timeless aesthetics. It's the little things that all work together in harmony to make this car truly great. So what do you do with a car like this, when you can't make it any better than the way it came from the factory? You simply protect and enjoy it.

Even brand new from the dealership, most cars are riddled with scratches and swirls in the paint from shipping and handling. These defects need to be removed by a process known as paint correction. During the correction process we assess the damage and carefully polish the paint with a variety of pads and products.

Once finished with paint correction, this car received Modesta BC-05 Glass Coating. BC-05 is unique in that it is the only ceramic coating to be applied using a wet application. This extremely thick and durable coating will not only protect the paint, but also add immense gloss and make future cleaning much easier.

After the vehicle has been coated it is left to bake using heat lamps for over two hours. This step ensures every panel is heated to the proper temperature to cure the coating.

This next part is our favorite. Once the car has been coated, baked and fully inspected it is time to pull it outside. This is where you can really appreciate the amount of time and care that goes into these jobs. This car turned out beautifully and needless to say our customer was thrilled. Take a look at these after photos and let us know how we can help you with your next detailing project.

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