1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

This client came to us with his newly restored Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. The car is in great shape and he wanted to protect it and keep it looking good, because he loves the car and wants to drive for as long as he can. Click the video for the full story.  

2004 Mercedes ML 350

Unfortunately, this Mercedes ML 350 was in a house fire. The vehicle escaped without any physical damage, but was consumed with smoke and a very strong smell. It took some extensive work from the team to get this one back out on the road.  

2020 BMW X5

This is a brand new BMW X5 one of good clients brought us. This is a great example of new cars don't stay new for very long without the proper maintenance. This BMW was only wash 3 times. We performed our paint correction service followed by a ceramic coating protection.