Hand Wash

The only way to wash a car

Car washing is often the most overlooked part of your vehicle care regimen. Unfortunately, improper washing is also the cause of almost all scratches and swirls found on your paint. Here at Chicago Auto Pros we have created a hand wash using proven techniques and the highest quality products.  Our two-bucket hand wash ensures that your car is not just clean but also minimizes the chance of swirls or marring.  

Chicago Hand Wash


Hand Wash

45+ Minutes

This is the way we wash our own cars and is the perfect maintenance step for any car enthusiast. In addition to the services in the Hand Wash, our Signature service adds a synthetic spray sealant during the drying process. This lubricates the drying towels, minimizing the chance of towel-induced marring, while also adding shine and a durable layer of protection.


Inside the car, we use compressed air while cleaning and vacuuming to get the hard to reach places that others miss. Finally, we roll down the windows to clean the top edges of the glass that aren’t normally cleaned with a basic car wash.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $100 | Midsize $115 | OverSize $130

Exterior Only:

Cars $65 | Midsize $75 | Over-Size $90

Hand Car Wash


Hand Wash

30+ Minutes

The maintenance step in your car care regimen. Wheel faces plus the barrel of each wheel is cleaned and wheel wells are rinsed. After a bath, the car is dried with compressed air and fresh microfiber towels to ensure no drips ruin its fresh shine.


The interior gets a light vacuum while doors, dash, and center console receive a wipe down using our pH- neutral cleaners. Rubber mats are pressure washed free of dirt. We finish with crystal clear windows and a high quality, no-sling tire dressing to leave your vehicle rejuvenated and road ready.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $60 | Midsize $70 | OverSize $80

Exterior Only:

Cars $40 | Midsize $45 | Over-Size $50


Signature Hand Wash Membership

Ceramic Coated Cars Only

If you take your vehicle’s appearance seriously then trust the place that takes car care seriously. This is a great way to ensure that your vehicle receives the special attention it deserves every time it's washed.


Your monthly membership includes two Signature exterior washes per month. For just $15 ($20 for third row vehicles) you can add interior cleaning to any wash.


Also, receive 10% off any of our car care products.

Prices Starting At:

Cars $80 | Midsize $90 | OverSize $100