A subscription wash service for vehicles with a ceramic coating

After you get a ceramic coating you still need to take care of your vehicle carefully. That's why we offer a special car wash subscription service for our ceramic coating customers. 


We created a hand wash service using proven techniques and the highest quality products.  Our two-bucket hand wash ensures that your car is not just clean but also minimizes the chance of swirls or marring.  


Hand Wash Membership

Ceramic Coated Cars Only

If you take your vehicle’s appearance seriously then trust the place that takes car care seriously. This is a great way to ensure that your vehicle receives the special attention it deserves every time it's washed.


Your monthly membership includes two exterior washes per month. This service adds a coating maintenance spray during the drying process to lubricate the drying towels, minimizing the chance of towel-induced marring, while also adding shine and a durable layer of protection.


For $30 ($40 for three-row vehicles) you can add interior cleaning to any wash.

Monthly subscription prices starting at:

Cars $90 | Midsize $100 | Oversize $120